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There are two sides to an Orlando DUI case. Both are important in their own right and will affect you in different ways, and a lawyer will play an important role throughout each individual side of the process in Orange County. First, there is the administrative hearing with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), which involves challenging the suspension of your driver’s license. Simultaneously, you will face criminal court proceedings which will involve the determination of whether you are guilty of driving under the influence.

At your DMV hearing, your Orlando defense attorney will have the opportunity to challenge the suspension of your driving privileges. This will need to be done by proving that: you were unlawfully arrested, that you did not show an illegal blood alcohol concentration on your breath or blood test, or that you did not refuse chemical testing. By representing you at your license suspension hearing in Orange County, your attorney will be given the opportunity to better prepare for your criminal court case.

The criminal process can be highly complex and it takes a skilled Orlando criminal defense lawyer to effectively defend your case and help you avoid a conviction. Generally speaking, a criminal case in Orange County may take one of several routes. You may accept a plea bargain, may be found guilty or not guilty at trial, may have charges dropped or may be able to have formal charges avoided in the first place. By evaluating your particular case and providing you with the personalized attention you need, your Orlando lawyer can determine exactly how to represent your interests and choose a defense strategy that will have the best positive impact on the outcome of your criminal case.

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