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After you are arrested for suspected drunk driving, you probably have many questions. What should you expect? Will you go to jail? Will your license be suspended? Should you accept a plea bargain? One of the most important questions you will face is: Do I Need a Lawyer?

Why Fight Your DUI

If you plan on having any chance of avoiding the many negative consequences of an Orlando DUI conviction, it is essential that you fight your DUI charges. To do this, you need a lawyer. The criminal court process is complex, to say the least. You need a legal professional who can stand up for your rights, investigate your case and build an aggressive defense strategy that will offer you the greatest opportunity of avoiding a conviction. An Orlando DUI lawyer will also play a major role in helping you avoid license suspension by representing you at your DMV hearing. While legal counsel is not necessary as this hearing is considered an administrative procedure, having the right representation can not only benefit the outcome of your hearing but your criminal case as well.

If you do not do everything you can to fight your DUI charges, you will pay the price. If you are convicted or plead guilty you will have a DUI on your criminal record. You will face penalties such as imprisonment, alcohol treatment, fines, license suspension or revocation, community service and more. Even if you accept a plea bargain in order to avoid more serious charges and penalties, you will still face the penalties that come with the lesser offense to which you plead guilty.

With the right representation, you can fight your DUI charges and WIN. Contact Finebloom & Haenel today to see how we can help.

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