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Beyond the Argument of Law

It is not an unresolved issue under the law to punish its offenders, but it is obviously beyond an ordinary contention for the violators to refuse from inevitable temptations. One of which is the seducing tempt of alcoholic drinks and illegal drugs that boost their confidence up to an immeasurable degree.

The violators of the law covering the DUI is often left with the “common-sense” argument on whether the law is just in punishing their vice. It’s a shallow rationalization to construe, but the important case in point is, the rights of the offenders specified in the law should not be left hanging until the jurisprudence has been given. In this case, the mutual role of an individual and the state should be in accordance with the limitations of the statute.

An offender is free by himself to invoke the statutory rights of the accused. One vital right in relation to the violation is the right to have a competent counsel of his own choice to defend his rights in court. The conviction then becomes an issue; it is always the prerogative of the court to decide the penalties or punishment for the crime or offense committed. The state, on the other hand, as the protector of individual rights and general welfare has the independence to enforce the statutes to attain its end goal – to be the neutral avenue of justice for its inhabitants. On the other side, only by means of limitations that the said individual freedom and state prerogative can be held in harmony, without any conflict.

Relating to the aforementioned issue, the law covering the driving under influence of the state could not be considered just when the punishment is more than the crime committed. The accused, as part of invoking his rights, should be wise to discern the constitutional acts of the enforcers so as not to be abused by the police power of the government.

Since the discernment of the law is an important role of any party involved in the case, the penalties for of DUI are at bar to be given consideration. In Orlando, the first penalty involves fine not less than $400, fifty hours of voluntary service in the community, probation, mandatory safety or driving classes. If convicted for second time, the fine could reach up to one thousand dollars and imprisonment for ten days. Then in the third time, the conviction would cause at least two thousand dollars and imprisonment for thirty days.

Driving Under Influence is really a serious violation of the law that could affect you, both economically and socially. If you are involved in this, you certainly have no way out but to face the consequences of your negligent and/or intolerable act. But if you’re not yet involved, then the only safest thing to do is not to drive when you are drunk, or do not drunk when you are planning to drive. The logic is simple: If you do not want to be punished, then avoid punishable acts.

On the grand scheme of all these legal notions, whether you are an accused or a victim of a drunkard driver, you still have the best option: to hire the best DUI attorney who could raise the “blocks” for your acquittal, or could issue the just “check” for your compensation. Contact us, and we will provide your need.

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