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Future after DUI Conviction

Driving under the influence of drug or alcohol is a violation of the law which may become a felonious act when a driver got caught and the negligence resulted to injuries or damages. When it happens, the serious fine and penalties await the offender for conviction and the victim for compensation.

It is always the case especially on the break time of teenagers and working adults who want to have fun without thinking of their future after incarceration. To mention the worst effect, a record of DUI case can greatly hinder the employment status of the violator. But before reaching this critical point, the offender first faces the immediate consequences such as cancellation of driving license, loss of job, revocation of their driving privileges, fines, and other compensation for injuries and damages when there was a victim of the negligence.

To have the criminal record removed, in most states, the offender is required to request a pardon from the governor of the state. If favored by the said official, it will eventually removed. If in the case where the offender is a minor, the following are the possible consequences for the first offense:

Imprisonment which may last up to twelve (12) months – incarceration may be the highest penalty one could have in violation of DUI law. It affects both the economic and social status of the offender in the sense that he will spend money paying a counsel for his defense and time inside the jail.

Minimum of one year loss of driving privileges – revocation of driving license for a year is a serious matter that could affect the regular enjoyment and work of the offender. He would then be forced to commute when this case happens.

Compulsory community service – the DUI offender is likewise obliged to extend his “forced” kindness to the community as part of his penalty. This penalty is somehow beneficial to the subject community being considered.

Fine not less than $2,000 – this fine can make a “hole” out of the offender’s pocket, and this would vary depending on the circumstance of the case.

Qualified to restricted permit in driving – when a driver is eligible for the said restriction, it means that there are limitations imposed by law for him to follow; it is usually confined within time limits.

It should likewise be noted that the penalties of DUI are dependent on the resultant of the case. When it resulted to serious physical injuries and wrongful death, the offender may be facing criminal and civil cases at the same time. In the former, he may be jailed if convicted, and in the latter, he may be required to compensate the sufferings of the victim/s. Hence, as part of the precautionary measures, it is always necessary to abide with the law, because noncompliance thereof may turn the life from uprightness into lawlessness.

Thus, the chief solution to this foreseeable problem is self-awareness of the consequences; they are the guide of the lawful driver who cares about his and the life of others. But when things seem so unavoidable, there is another option left on the legal side; there is always a DUI attorney that could “back you up” when your defense is weak to protect and free you from legal consequences, especially imprisonment. And do not ever forget: Your future is not “after”, but “before” DUI conviction. Call us!

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