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Drink, Dive, but Never Drive!

When the spirit of alcohol lives together with your soul, do you feel like you’re in the cloud nine trying to float on the horizon beneath the heavens and the earth? Don’t you? Fine, negative or positive, but the feeling seems indescribable and unimaginable.

But, disregarding your alibi, I am certain that your fantastic dream would end when a nightmare in the middle of the day wake you up. It’s when a police officer in Orlando is already pulling you out of your car because you’re sewing the road in the wrong direction. You cannot resist the force of the law, but you are free to exercise your right, not as a drunkard, but as a person. As in the case of the game which you cannot win without knowing the rules first, you must also know the process and legalities of your arrest.

The police officers, if you are found out driving under the influence of alcohol, will pull and examine you. So why they do it that way? Is it legal? Of course, for a sane authority of law who knows what is right, the said procedure is ultimately legal. The Driving Under Influence (DUI) of alcohol arrests in Orlando always include pulling over of the driver. And you should not forget (if you plan to drive when you are drunk) that among the few things which the police men investigate to the suspected drivers are recklessness and swerving, and they are also very particular in your slow reaction.

After they have pulled you, expect that Orlando police officers will take you on the roadside for sobriety examination. This procedure will test your balance by requesting you to walk straightly on the line, or look normally at the tip of your nose, recite backwardly the English alphabets. If you do not pass this examination, then expect again that they will have another examination which include but not limited to measuring the level of alcohol in your blood.  If medical results revealed abnormality in your alcohol level, then prepare to suffer the penalties of your violation.

Your penalties will be determined by (1) intoxication level, (2) the illegal acts committed while driving under the influence of alcohol such as injuries and damages to public or private property, and (3) your DUI record which might put you in jail and suspend your license.

In this case, the only best way to protect your liberty outside the jail and freedom to drive is to have the best counsel to give justice for your “not guilty” plea.

Anyhow, you should still bear in mind that prevention is always better than cure. If you do not want to experience Orlando DUI arrest then Drink, Dive, but Never Drive!

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