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Minors are not Exempted

Drinking alcoholic drinks and driving cars are common for liberated teens today. It’s a habit especially when party-time is on. This also seems to have no end, only beginning. But when the law takes its supremacy over illegal joy and happiness, the habit turns out to be serious penalties.

The Orlando law strictly prohibits underage drinking and driving. Underage is defined as below 21 years old. Furthermore, under the said law are the imposable penalties when you or your child is found out having alcohol or driving under its influence, possessing fake driver’s license, purchasing alcoholic drinks, and proven to be intoxicated by alcohol in public places.

It has been recorded that two out of twenty teens from twelve to thirteen years old are drinking alcoholic drinks at least once every month. The Traffic Safety Administration also reported vehicle accidents as one of the top causes of teenage deaths, specifically from age fifteen to twenty. And fifty percent of the data was composed of high school students who admitted their guilt.

The state has already provided solutions for this problem. Few of which are responsible alcohol education, awareness of legal consequences, and limiting alcohol access. But still the most effective solution lies to the noble roles of parents. By being a friend and a counselor to your children, you can minimize or even eliminate the possibility of the commission of illegal acts which can ruin theirs or your family’s future.

Anyhow, in connection with the said law, the court may penalize the offender through the payment of fines imposed by law, compulsory community service, participation in alcohol awareness activities by the State, and/or incarceration.  The fine for violation can be as high as two thousand dollars; the hours and type of community service will be determined by the court; the alcohol awareness activity is mandatory, hence, failure to attend entails another penalty, and; the worst is jail sentence for underage drivers who were seriously drunk while driving their cars.

Thus, it is really tough to get out from the punishment of the law when you or your child is proven guilty. In this case, it is very vital to seek help from a criminal lawyer to know and defend your rights. Your lawyer can explore other issues to reverse your conviction. He may question the legal process followed when you were arrested, specifically, if there was a probable cause in your arrest, and whether the alcohol test was done properly. If there was a violation in the procedure of your arrest, then expect that you can have justice through lesser penalties.

Your acquittal really depends not only to your defensive statements, but also to the quality of criminal attorney you will hire to stand and fight during court trials. If you have a “jail phobia”, then the right “doctor” is a lawyer who specializes in your case, and the safest medicine which gives not only cure, but also prevention, is to know the laws that protect your rights and prohibit some of your acts.

Actually, the simplest solution is briefly stated in this Latin maxim: Ignorantia legis non excusat, or in English: “Ignorance of the law excuses no one from its punishment.”

So better to know the law if you do not want to be punished by it.

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